Thursday, 22 March 2012

penipuan siber dari aamira ahmed

layan jer...

aamira ahmed:
Hello My name is Aamira Ahmed.I like your profile is okay by me if we can be friends write back and let me have your email address so we can get to know more about ourselves my email id is ( have a nice day. You can as well contact me directly on my email. Gladly awaiting your email.. Masalam DEAR.............

die ckp die dk uk, ayh die msia n mak uk...ayh dh mati n nk dtg msia n mntk aku tlg die n die pn ckp if you help me i will send you a gift..

aamira ahmed:
Baby you are so finally so happy that i meet a nice man....u capture my every thought.....i want to have your pictures on my laptop ....if you don't mind to send me more pictures of you to my email.....i will be more than happy to look at them everyday and night are so sweet man...and its rare....i would like to invest in a lucrative place, and it depends on what i will invest on that is why i need your help to tell me what exactly i can invest on, maybe both of us can invest together. then about the accommodation [were I'll stay when i come over] i also need you to tell me which state is very cool for me to buy a house a very conducive environment. Check my various pictures i sent to you,,. ..I hope you like them thing you should know more about me is that I am a very honest and modest lady...hope you like that..i speak very little Malay too... i will be on my computer waiting to read again from you...your sweet words and assuring too....thank you so so glad i meet you...take care now... my number +447035917721 please call me......

n ni gmbr yg die anta,

fuh ayt die,

Each thought of you fills me with sweet emotion;
I give to you my deep, complete devotion.
All my fondest wishes you fulfill;
I love you totally, and I always will.

sambung lagi

aamira ahmed: it seems you are very busy?

me : No
So, hw bout ur plan?

Aamira Ahmed : ok
i am still waiting for you to tell me
if you want to help me
when i come
i plan to buy a house in malaysia
if i come
i am still waiting for you to tell me

ade plak die ckp cmni?

look for a good house were we can start a family

ble ms lak aku nk start fmly dgn die ni

die smbg lg,

and please if you dont like me tell me
i want a man that will like me for me and not my money
and with the way you are doing i dont think you like

aku pn wt ayt la lg, nk suruh tau ape lg yg die nk, ttbe die ckp cmni

i want to send the money \
if you dont mind
i will like you to get the house before i come
that is what i want
i also have something for you

aku pn tny la bajet die n die ckp bajet dlm usd 100k..
n die ckp nk bg hadiah lak..ayt die cmni,

i have little gift for you
send me you contact details
you house address, email, phone number
so i send the gift

aku pn ckp la yg aku xmau hadiah, die blh lak ckp aku nk jauhkn dr dari die, buat2 mrajuk ni..ps2 die ckp lak cmni,

all i ask for is love is that too much for you
if you no you know i am wasting my time let me know
i am doing this because i promise my late father
that i will go back to malaysia to get married

die smbg lg die xleh anta duit mlalui bank sbb nnt die kne caj mhl. start kt cni la die nk anta gne parcel duit 2...usd150k 2..byk wooo...ps2 aku tny lak bp lame parcel 2 akn smpai, die ckp 5 ari bkerja...aku pn ckp ok la..ps2 aku logout fb..mlm 2 lak aku bkk fb ade msg dr die lak...cmni msg die,

honey do you check you mail box often?
would love to send you the courier details there
do not worry the money is in safe hands dear and i have listed how you would handle it
i would make sure i am there as soon as possible
thanks alot
you would be given a call by the courier service company as soon as the parcel gets to malaysia...
would try to give you a call myself too...have to go to work now
hope we chat later
hugs and kisses

esk 2 die ade la kol aku tp gne no withheld...aku lyn la die ckp, love u la, bls la love u 2...hahahaha...lps 2 die anta lg msg ni kt fb aku,

Aamira Ahmed


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keesokan harinya plak...syok2 aku tdo ade lak sorg mamat ni kol aku gne no +60162378819...die tny aku kwn aamira ke, aku ckp ye la, die ckp parcel dh smpai tp skrg kt kota kinabalu kne sekat dgn kastam kt sane sbb die mntk aku buat payment bru parcel 2 blh smpai klia...aku dgn mngantuk lg pg 2 trus tny sape n dk kt mane skrg...aku ckp la xyh nk tpu la, dh byk kes cmni..geram aku kcau tdo..gertak sket tny sape n dk kt mne trus die ltk tepon n x tepon2 dh..

ps2 ptg 2 aku msg aamira mlalui fb tny nape aku kne byr, aku ade rm5 je ni, die mntk rm2k..haha...die pn bls cmni lak, tp mmg laknat la pny org gne name tuhan..cmni msg die,

hello honey i have money in that parcel and you are tell me this, if you know you want money let me know, but first of all try to clear my parcel i have alot of money in there, if you clear the parcel, then what ever money you spend collect from the parcel, please i trusted you hon. that was why i sent such amount. i use Allah name to beg you.

mgkn bersambung...hahahaha